California, USA

Innova Medical Group Inc. is a pioneering medical device manufacturing and distribution company with a vision to bring more home tests to people for disease screening purposes. In 2020, Innova launched state-of-the-art COVID-19 rapid antigen and antibody test kits. In 12- months’ time the company has turned from a small start-up to the world’s leading distributor of rapid antigen test kits. Innova offers an array of other measurement and diagnostic devices. Innova aims to make the world a safer, healthier place.

“In 12 months, Pasaca had transformed Innova from a small start up to a multi billion-dollar company, becoming the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits.”



ATL Group leads China’s life care industry with innovative solutions that skillfully converge technology, cultural traditions, and sustainable practices to celebrate life and memorialize the deceased in Asia and throughout the world.

“With Pasaca Capital we not only have a financial investor, but a highly collaborative partner who expanded our strategy and results beyond what we were able to see and secure on our own.”

Pan Anjuan, ATL Group Founder and CEO


Caton Technology Group, a pioneering, next-generation IP network of transport solutions offering innovative video distribution (R2TP) and rapid file transfer (F2TP) algorithms.

“Pasaca Capital has led Caton Technology to different market segment and expanded our customer base globally. We foresee exponential growth like never before.”

Ray Huang, CEO, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Caton Technologies

California, USA

Sweegen provides sweet taste solutions for multinational food and beverage manufacturers. The company is on a mission to reduce the sugar and artificial sweeteners in our global diet. Partnering with customers, Sweegen creates delicious zero sugar products that consumers love. With the best next-generation stevia sweeteners in its portfolio such as Bestevia® e+, Bestevia® Reb M, and Bestevia® Reb D along with deep knowledge of flavor modulators and texturants, Sweegen delivers market-leading solutions that customers want and consumers prefer.

“The investment from Pasaca opened doors to tremendous opportunities for Sweegen.”

Steven Chen, Founder and CEO, Sweegen

Pennsylvania, USA

Developer of the MealCube, an enhancement and eventual replacement to the MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat).  The MealCube – engineered to provide a balance of nutrition with a taste of cherry.  Meepo’s core technology is a condensed meal that is a little more than a 1-inch cube that mimics real food meals using all of the macro and micronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals) wrapped in a polymeric matrix to product a 420-calorie cube for the US Military, humanitarian needs, assisted living/healthcare, and consumers. 

“Almost everyone says they can add value, Pasaca Capital truly does. Partnering with Pasaca Capital has given us the ability to become a global organization from day one instead of only thinking within our own country. Through mentorship, distribution contacts, and strategic partners they’ve helped us scale much faster than we would have alone.

They aren’t just investorsthey’re operators.” 

Matthew Elonis, CEO/Co-Founder, Meepo


ASOCS is disrupting the industrial network connectivity market with an open and virtualized software solution that delivers 4G and 5G private mobile network solutions in a single software stack. It enables industrial enterprises to easily implement 5G private networks with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), high network reliability, low latency, and speed, making it ideal for Industry 4.0 applications.

“ASOCS is delighted to have partnered with Pasaca and we believe that their experience and knowledge from their wealth of business leaders will benefit us far beyond the financial investment. We see a strategic advantage in particular in regards to South East Asia and ASOCS’ reach into this market.”

Gilad Garon, CEO, ASOCS