CA, United States

Innova Medical Group Inc. is a pioneering medical device manufacturing and distribution company with a vision to bring more home tests to people for disease screening purposes. In 2020, Innova launched state-of-the-art COVID-19 rapid antigen and antibody test kits. In 12- months’ time the company has turned from a small start-up to the world’s leading distributor of rapid antigen test kits. Innova offers an array of other measurement and diagnostic devices. Innova aims to make the world a safer, healthier place.

“In 12 months, Pasaca had transformed Innova from a small start up to a multi billion-dollar company, becoming the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits.”



ATL Group leads China’s life care industry with innovative solutions that skillfully converge technology, cultural traditions, and sustainable practices to celebrate life and memorialize the deceased in Asia and throughout the world.

“With Pasaca Capital we not only have a financial investor, but a highly collaborative partner who expanded our strategy and results beyond what we were able to see and secure on our own.”

Pan Anjuan, ATL Group Founder and CEO

TX, United states

Quantum, a pioneer in advanced materials, nanotechnology, and emerging technologies, develops groundbreaking solutions for counterfeit detection, identity verification, and health status

“Pasaca Capital introduced us to a top-tier network of experts with a unique pulse on emerging trends and exciting technologies. With their foresight and strategic alliance, we are achieving exponential growth and positive societal impacts we are proud of.”

Stephen Squires, President and CEO

Caton Technology


Caton Technology Group, a pioneering, next-generation IP network of transport solutions offering innovative video distribution (R2TP) and rapid file transfer (F2TP) algorithms.

“Pasaca Capital has led Caton Technology to different market segment and expanded our customer base globally. We foresee exponential growth like never before.”

Ray Huang, CEO, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Caton Technologies

Eastern Europe

Premium oral care products line that were primarily sold in low volume in Europe.

“Pasaca saw the potential of ENIKAM and its investment and strategy brought new life to the company. With Pasaca, the EMIKAM products were elevated and repositioned. We are now entering new geographic markets and new channels.”