Financial Analyst Wanted

Financial Analyst for Pasaca Capital Inc, Master in Finance or Financial Engineering. 

Salary: $79,789/ Year. Rsm to HR at 800 E Colorado  Blvd, #888, Pasadena, CA 91101

Job Duties:

Create and improve financial models to provide on time and accurate business analysis like pricing model, capacity forecast, cost analysis by analyzing

and summarizing accounting and financial trends and provide recommendations on best financial options for operations ; Support revenue forecast by

analyzing revenue, costs, expenses, financial commitments and obligations to project future revenues and expenses ; Assist in monthly and year end 

closing by preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of cash flow, amortization and depreciation schedules, and other financial reports

 to summarize the company’s financial status in terms of assets, liabilities, incomes, expenses, etc.; Prepare income and cost variance report, compare

actual income and costs to expected income and costs to determine the root cause of variance, and make recommendations for cost-control measures;

Work with various departments to prepare overall and departmental budget and assist the management in financial planning ; Perform Profit and Loss 

analysis; identify risks and opportunities and assisting in summarizing performance for monthly operation review.