ATL Case Study


As the world’s population increases, the convergence of technology with burial practices and memorializing the deceased is steadily increasing, as well. Necessity compels people to consider sustainable ways to honor loved ones. Thanks to technology, people can receive the personalization, support, and connection needed to meet cultural and emotional expectations.

ATL Group, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Xiamen, China, is a leading advocate for the shift in cultural norms from burial to cremation.

Praised as “the leader of China’s life care industry,” ATL Group’s industry disruptive approach serves as a bridge between traditions, filial piety, ancestral honor, religious standards, and corporate social responsibility. With innovative solutions that include digital personalization, opulent life memorials, insurance coverage, and more, ATL Group’s personalized, turnkey model successfully commemorates the deceased in culturally significant and economically sustainable ways.


While ATL Group is celebrated for providing one-stop solutions to care for challenges related to China’s growing deceased population, the company needed substantial capital support to purchase land and secure property due to sky-rocketing real estate prices and the rapid decline of available burial space. ATL also needed to enter into the global markets, particularly in the cities with concentrated Asian demographics. These challenges become more exacerbated when disasters like the Coronavirus pandemic strike.

Pasaca Impact

Pasaca Capital seeks to expand ATL Group’s success and unique model, not only in China, but throughout the world. Significant investments led to the successful purchase and construction of additional memorial locations. Financing also enabled ATL Group’s entrance into markets, including the US, where burial space is limited, yet the desire for sustainable, personalized experiences that honor culture, traditions, and rituals is highly sought after.