Caton Technology Case Study

Bringing Superhighway Video Performance to the Back Roads of the Internet


It is hard to imagine today’s world without the Internet and all its associated benefits. However, it has limitations and high-quality live video transmission is one of the most challenging. As Covid-19 and the global pandemic continues to change how people work and play, video communication has become an invaluable necessity. Yet, the current Internet is not adequate to solve the problem of high quality, low latency live video distributed at scale. This is due to the fundamental limitations of underlying, present-day Internet protocols.

Enter Caton Technology Group, a pioneering, next-generation IP network of transport solutions offering innovative video distribution (R2TP) and rapid file transfer (F2TP) algorithms. Over US$10M and 400,000 engineering hours have been invested in the development of Caton’s underlying technology and solutions. Caton brings to the market new protocols, combined with a global network (CatonNet) that enables superior live video transport performance, uninterrupted video quality, and up to 40% cost savings compared to other multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) virtual private networks.


Caton’s original business plan was highly technical, hardware oriented, and China- centric with limited growth in narrow, video streaming market segments. As a means to unlock its growth, Caton requires liquidity, strategy, and capability to enter global markets within live video streaming and rapid file transfer segments.

Pasaca Impact

Pasaca Capital recognized the strong potential of Caton’s compelling technology and experienced leadership team, and developed a strategy to accelerate growth, increase its societal impact, and more fully capitalize on rapidly growing market segments. With 20+ software copyrights, 4 patents, and 3 patents pending, Pasaca Capital sought to spur immediate, early wins aligned with $16.9B 2020 total addressable market estimations and expectations to multiply to $112B by 2027. Providing the strategic vision, capital, and network for global impact, Pasaca Capital financed the relocation of Caton’s headquarters, IT, R&D, and executive team to Singapore. Through Pasaca Capital’s global network, Caton has accelerated partnerships with leading facilities-based, global network operators. Relocation of corporate presence from China to Singapore opens opportunities in the U.S. and EMEA.

Today, Caton has offices in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the U.S. Caton’s solutions are being used by customers and network partners like PCCW Global, China Unicom, Telstra, MediaHub, Disney, and others to deliver live video and rapid file transfer over the open Internet for use cases ranging from live sporting events to concerts, telehealth medical diagnosis, remote surgical training, power generation video surveillance, and other emerging applications. Pasaca Capital’s controlling investment also influenced market expansion and positioning into autonomous vehicle (AV) delivery services.

Now, as a PCI TMT portfolio company, Caton is poised to win multi-million-dollar contracts with some of the largest companies in the world.